Say “I Do” in Japan with Western Charm


Planning a wedding in Japan but still crave the elegance of a Western ceremony? You can absolutely have both! This approach lets you blend the beauty of Japan with familiar Western traditions, creating a timeless and sophisticated celebration.

Imagine Your Dream Day:

  • Picture yourself exchanging vows in a breathtaking Japanese setting, like a serene garden or a historic castle.
  • The bride walks down the aisle in a stunning white wedding dress, while the groom looks dashing in formal attire.
  • The ceremony can be officiated by an English-speaking celebrant, incorporating personalized vows, readings, and familiar traditions.

Western-Style Favors with a Japanese Flair:

  • Engraved Wine Glasses: Elegant wine glasses engraved with the couple’s names and wedding date add a timeless touch.
  • Personalized Guest Books with Cherry Blossom Motifs: Guest books featuring beautiful cherry blossoms create a unique keepsake for guests to sign.
  • Elegant Candy Boxes: Exquisite candy boxes adorned with a touch of Japan, like wasabi pea inclusions or cherry blossom designs, add a subtle nod to your location.
  • Fun & Interactive Favors: Consider incorporating origami fortune tellers with personalized messages for a unique and interactive favor.
  • Classic Favors with a Modern Twist: Explore classic Western favors like cookies or chocolates packaged with a touch of Japan, like a calligraphy monogram or origami cranes tucked inside.